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Cerner Application Support

With EHR technology constantly evolving and government regulations accelerating change at a rapid pace, many organizations are left struggling to keep up. We provide the necessary support to help your organization maximize the stability and value of your Cerner EHR, securely share data across systems and drive technological innovation.

We work with your organization’s clinical and financial department stakeholders to improve the efficiency of specific processes or the entire Cerner system. Our 6-step approach to system optimization assures that the outcomes we deliver meet the goals of your organization and serve the needs of your patients.

Assess: Perform an in-depth assessment to learn your current process – work with stakeholders to document existing workflows, analyze integration points, understand pain points, organizational goals and any related reporting or regulatory requirements.

Design: By leveraging our years of experience with Cerner solutions and our extensive knowledge of current industry trends, we design creative solutions customized to the needs of your organization.

Build: Our consultants are skilled at configuration across multiple Cerner modules (link to modules supported). With a meticulous attention to detail and a strong understanding of clinical and business operations, we build concise and intelligent solutions with the assurance that production systems will not be impacted until deployed.

Test: We know the importance of rigorous testing and perform our own system integration testing on all new builds before your organization’s users are brought in for user acceptance testing. We assist with the creation of test scripts as well as the planning and coordination of user testing and training events.

Deploy: We work within your organization’s change management process to approve and schedule deployments. We have the flexibility to accommodate change windows scheduled outside of normal business hours.

Analyze: We remain engaged after deployment and assist with capturing and monitoring performance metrics to ensure the initiative is a success.

Whether you are looking to implement a new Cerner module or upgrade your millennium code level, our consultants have the organization skills and project management experience to ensure your project is completed efficiently and successfully.

We draw on an extensive background in IT and application management to provide staff augmentation and support for your clinical help desk. Our consultants are trained to provide high quality customer service and are skilled at troubleshooting issues across all Cerner modules.

We help your internal Cerner support team manage a backlog of issues and service requests according to your organization’s SLAs.

With well-developed skillsets in OpenView, iBus and third-party integration engines, we have the experience to help your organization seamlessly interface your Cerner EHR with lab instruments, bedside medical devices and Health Information Exchange.

Our consultants can help troubleshoot issues with existing interfaces and assist with implementation for new integration projects.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

We are dedicated to helping your organization attain the necessary visibility into your system’s clinical and financial data so you can make well-informed decisions to drive your clinical and administrative operations. We help your organization adhere to its strategic plan by helping to provide the right information at the right time.

We create and modify the custom CCL reports you need to pull clinical and financial data.

Whether you have an in-house business intelligence solution, use a third party for analytics or rely on Cerner solutions (DA2) our consultants can help you design dashboards, build custom data extracts, automate report distribution or create reports in DA2.

Our Discern rules experts will work with your clinicians and users to develop and implement decision support mechanisms that will help your clinicians to provide appropriate care and keep your patients safe.

Staff Training & Development

Staff Training & Development

At Axon eHealth, we pride ourselves in our knowledge of healthcare operations and our ability to share that information with others. Whether you are looking for end-user workflow training, guidance on HIT regulatory matters, maintenance training for your in-house support team or assistance driving adoption of a new solution, we have the resources and skills to support your needs.

Our training consultants are familiar with a variety of clinical and revenue cycle workflows. We draw on our existing knowledge when collaborating with your organization to develop custom content for end-user workflow training sessions. The training sessions we lead may be virtual, in-person or asynchronous depending on your preference. As part of our training services, we create and share workflow guides, tip sheets and videos to add to your organization’s library of reference materials.

With years of experience supporting hospital, clinic and health system EMRs, we are familiar with the nuances of managing an EMR support team and will work with IT leadership to develop custom training materials, sessions or programs to address any of the team’s knowledge gaps or areas for improvement.

We offer a variety of solution-specific maintenance trainings and conduct sessions on customer service topics like Troubleshooting and Workflow Design or on management processes such as Change Management and Release Management.

We work with your end-users following the implementation of a new process, workflow or module to effectively manage change and deploy a variety of educational techniques aimed at increasing adoption of the new technology. We understand the burden felt when adapting to changes in technology and take a compassionate approach whenever working with end-users as they navigate changes to the EHR.

Our consultants provide resources, guidance, and recommendations to organizations working to meet current HIT requirements from regulations such as HIPAA, Interoperability and Patient Access, Meaningful Use/Promoting Interoperability and the Cures Act.

Let us help you secure incentive payments, avoid penalties and impress accrediting bodies!